Pastoral Compensation Software
For use by Mennonite Church USA pastors and congregations


Printing Issues

The following applies to Pastoral Compensation, Pastoral Review,
and Twenty Pastoral Areas and other software using Paradox 10 Runtime.

1. When I try to print (File->Print or printer icon) I get an error message such as "Unexpected General Protection Fault" and I have to close the program.  The print form does not even appear.
  Is your printer name longer than 31 characters?  If so, try shortening the name.  In Windows XP go to Start menu, Control Panel, (Printers and Other Hardware) and Printers and Faxes.  Right click on the printer and select Rename.  In Vista go to Start menu, Control Panel, (Hardware and Sound), Printers.  In Windows 7/8 go to Start menu, Devices and Printers.  Right click on the printer icon and select Printer Properties.
2. The print form opens but when I click on Print the program locks up and I have to exit the program.
  Restart the program or even reboot the computer.  Hopefully it will print the next time.
  If that does not do it and you are using XP, close the program and press Ctrl-Alt-Delete to open the Windows Task Manager.  Go to the Processes tab.  Look for ctfmon.exe and click on it.  Then click on End Process.  The ctfmon.exe program may conflict with the printing process and ending the process will not cause other problems.  Start up the program and hopefully you will be able to print.  You may need to repeat this in the future again.  This seems to work for most users with Windows XP.  Need more help?
3. I would like to create an electronic copy of a report to send to others.
  Although there is a Publish to RTF option, it does not always give satisfactory results.  A better way is to use other software to print to a PDF.  A free version is CutePDF Writer.

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