Pastoral Compensation Software
For use by Mennonite Church USA pastors and congregations

Getting Started
Vista/Windows 7/8
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The Pastoral Compensation Software is available without charge to pastors or member congregations of Mennonite Church USA.  The cost to others is $15.95.

Select one of the following options:


Register to Download Update

If you have an earlier version of the software with existing data and want to update to the current version and year, you should register and download the update to the software. Updating preserves information previously entered such as details about education and experience.

Check version history if you are not sure.

(The Update is not needed if you just downloaded the program for the first time (see below).
 It will be needed in a year.)


Register to Download Full Program

If you have never installed this software before on this computer, you should register to download the full program for the first time.

(Warning: The full download will remove any previously entered data, including education and experience units, if the program had been previously installed.  It is possible to transfer old data from a different computer by using File>Backup from the other computer and File>Restore from the new computer after installing.)

If you have the Vista or Windows 7/8/10 operating system, special instructions apply.  Sorry, the program is only available for a PC.  (Mac users might try the spreadsheet.)



Also see the Installation Guide and a FAQ.

Spreadsheet Version

A spreadsheet version is also available that should work on both a PC or a Mac.



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