Pastoral Compensation Software
For use by Mennonite Church USA pastors and congregations

Getting Started
Vista/Windows 7/8
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Vista or Windows 7/8 Operating Systems

Additional steps may be required for installing Pastoral Compensation
(and similar) software on a computer with
the Vista or Windows 7/8 operating system.
(It is unlikely but possible that you may need additional information
if you have a 64-bit operating system.)


The Pastoral Compensation Software is based on Paradox 10 Runtime version which is not fully compatible with Vista or Windows 7/8.

After downloading and installing the software, the following additional steps may be required. 

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Select Compatibility Mode First try to set the compatibility mode.  Then try restarting our software program.
Help Files If the software is working but help files are not available after pressing F1.  Vista or Windows 7 may give you the information you need to solve this.  If not, see this section.  This should not be necessary with the most recent version of the Pastoral Compensation Software.
Other information Other useful information to calm your mind when using Vista.
Select Compatibility Mode
Note:  Since Paradox 10 Runtime is considered an older program by Vista and Windows 7, it works best if the program is run in a compatibility mode for XP.
1.  Right click on the desktop icon for Salary Guidelines.

2.  Click on Properties.

3.  Click on Compatibility tab.

4.  Check box to "Run this program in compatibility mode for:" and select Windows XP (Service Pack 2)

5.  Check the box to "Run this program as an administrator."

(If you were unable to select the Compatibility tab and 64-bit operating system, see additional notes.)
Help Files
Note:  Prior to version 1.1.6 the context-sensitive help files for this software used an older Windows help program that is no longer included with Vista or Windows 7.  It must be downloaded separately.  A newer Windows help program was used starting with 1.1.6 and this should no longer be an issue.
Open the Pastoral Compensation program and press F1.  Vista will probably notify you that the help files are based on an older program and provide a link for you to download the program.
If not, try this link: Download winhlp32.exe for Vista
For additional information: Old help files not included with Vista
Exiting the program in Vista will result in an error message.  This is annoying but does not cause any problems.

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