Pastoral Compensation Software
For use by Mennonite Church USA pastors and congregations

Getting Started
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Worksheet and Calculations

Create a compensation profile for one or more pastors (or even multiple congregations).
Create a record of a pastorís experience and education that is the basis of the experience and education units. Transfer and update the following year. Document as part of an expanded worksheet printout.
Automatic calculation of all totals.
Easy to make "what if" calculations.
Ability to use salary guidelines as base for compensation but make adjustments appropriate for the pastor and congregation, e.g. add additional units for unusual situations, adjust compensation for part-time positions, or base compensation on a percentage of guidelines.
Information from one year can be transferred and form the basis for the next year calculation.


Print out a completed worksheet that can be used in negotiating a compensation packet or attached to a covenant of understanding or a contract.
Create a CSV file from the Report option for use in a spreadsheet.  You will need to create your own formulas.
Compare compensation of current year to previous year, from one pastor to another, or for same pastor but based on different assumptions.
Produce a covenant of understanding between a congregation and a pastor that can be used directly or modified in a word processor. Relevant information transfers automatically from worksheet to covenant. Attach a printout of the summary worksheet to the covenant.

Other Features and Uses

Helps educate congregational leaders about the MCUSA Pastoral Compensation Guidelines.
Useful to pastoral search committee in negotiations with candidate.

Detailed, context-sensitive help files includes instructions and information going back to 2004-2005 Guidelines, providing a history of changes.
Additional help is available on the website in the form of PDF documents or short instructional videos.
New guidelines as well as program updates can be downloaded from website.





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